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Why Helmet Laws Suck

Boots on SD

Boots On San Diego 3/23/13

Get your boots on!

The Boot Campaign is coming to San Diego Harley-Davidson March 23rd.  What is it?  Basically, it’s an effort to get us to buy and wear the same military boots our war fighters are wearing, (issued to you who are currently serving us, of course), to show support and kind of “walk a mile in their shoes”.  The money raised goes to military causes and the whole concept was started by Marcus Lutrell, former Navy Seal who returned from Afghanistan after losing three of his teammates, wrote a book about that experience called Lone Survivor, and started the Lone Survivor Foundation.  The Leap Frogs (US Navy Parachute Team) will kick off the day at 3 p.m. by jumping into San Diego Harley.  Then it’s all Bands, Bikes, AND Boots!  See the Boot Campaign’s Website or for more details.

There’s a constant irony to all of this that I can’t stop thinking about.  It’s the irony that we fight for freedom, and then we come back to a nation where our freedom is diminishing day by day.  Our freedom of speech–because you have to be so careful not to offend anyone or you will be served, suspended, or fired.    Our second amendment–right to own our guns uninfringed is under constant attack, and especially right now.  The Nanny Law state is taking over our lives in the name of safety, political correctness, “civil rights” for anything anyone wants to have a right to, which seems to me, is diluting the significance of the term “civil rights”, and in general the government thinks it knows what’s best for us and our children better than we do.  And of course all this brings me to the helmet law.  I can write a lot about helmet laws, helmet laws suck, they’re un-American, they’re counterproductive, (less people ride and people who ride also ride less), and by inferring  that we can rely on helmets to be safe, we are misleading, at best.  This is all true but the real danger posed by helmet laws is that we are giving up our freedom and we’re giving too much authority to the government.  Can you imagine if they passed a boot law?!?!  A law that said you must wear steel toed boots when you ride.  Some people think you’re crazy to ride in anything but boots.  It would be silly, wouldn’t it?  Oh, but one protects your head, the other your feet.  But both take away your freedom, and that is what’s wrong.  How can we let the government tell us how to dress?  Raincoats and rain boots, warm weather gear, etc. would prevent tons of people from dying each year.  Take aspirin for your heart, you can’t sell 20 oz. sodas: oh yeah, that one is on the books in New York City.

Where do we the people draw the line and when do we stand up and fight?  21 years of a mandatory helmet law and California is no safer than the thirty (that’s right 30!) states without them.  Maybe it’s time to take a stand against these Draconian laws that just give power to the government and take freedom away from people?  Or should we wait for a boot law for riders, a jock strap law for athletes, or whatever’s next?

No law can (or should) tell you (or I) what causes to support, but I do hope you show up for the Bands, Bikes and Boots event on March 23rd, and purchase a new pair of military boots.  Join us in saluting our troops, party with us, enjoy the Navy Leap Frogs, and use those new boots to help stamp out stupid laws so we can all enjoy the freedom so many have died for.

And while I’m ranting about injustices we’ve got to talk about the lack of support for our Veterans returning from war and a better pay structure for those currently serving, and changing the rules of engagement.  Why does a one term Senator get a Pension & Medical benefits for life and all Service members have to serve 20 years?

There are plenty of ideas to throw around like higher pay for Spec Ops and better more responsive care for Combat Vets suffering from PTSD.  And how about the wives and families staying home alone while the average GI is deployed 272 days a year.  The American sniper and American hero, Chris Kyle was recently killed near Dallas Texas by a marine he was helping through PTSD.  We are going to have a memorial for Chris during the Boots event.  Chris was an amazing American and dedicated to helping others returning from combat deployments.  His memorial was held at Cowboy Stadium in Texas and attended by thousands.  But many of his friends from San Diego didn’t get to go and would like to share in a tribute to this great man.  Things have got to change and it’s up to us to do something besides complain.

The government needs to handle it’s responsibilities from the post office to the military instead of getting involved in every aspect of our lives and business.  Join us, get your boots on, then together we can begin to stomp on government waste and excess.

Blog post by NY Myke, Owner of San Diego Harley-Davidson

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  1. Kevin Willis
    Posted May 11, 2014 at 8:14 PM | Permalink

    Well written and so *&@kin true !!

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