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LIVE at San Diego Harley

Trisha and Pepper

Trisha and the band Pepper before their 2009 concert at SDHD

If you are local, you most likely have been to or heard of one of our now “famous” San Diego Harley-Davidson concerts held in the Kearny Mesa Shop Parking Lot!

And if so, I hope it has formed a special memory & found a special place in your heart as it has for me.

In August of 2008 we had the pleasure of having Mike Ness & members of Social Distortion perform LIVE in the most extraordinary style.  November of 2010 we had the local hugely popular band PEPPER play at San Diego Harley to the biggest crowd we’ve had to date.  And just a few months ago right before Halloween we were excited to have our friends P.O.D & SRUNG MONKEY blow the socks off this joint!

We have made it our mission to hold these concerts free to the public to allow ALL of their fans to be able to see their favorite bands.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is the Charity we raised money & awareness for.  We asked for  donations at the doors & if the fans feel open hearted enough to throw in a $5, $10 or $20 we are excited to get it the SOWF. These concerts have helped raised over $15,000 to go straight to the charity.

I am the Event Coordinator here at San Diego Harley & I have been lucky enough to help coordinate all 3 of these concerts & every single one is better than the last!

I wanted to give a little insight of how cool it is to have worked behind the scenes with some of the coolest guys I’ve met.

Ness at San Diego Harley

Mike Ness at SDHD in 2008

MIKE NESS: We didn’t have just Mike Ness perform. We had the actual whole band perform!  (but for certain reasons we had to market it in a specific way).   Mike rides a 2009 Customized Electra Glide & has ridden for decades. Mike is the epitome of a Harley Rider. He is covered head to toe in tats, rides like a bad ass & has the voice of an old time rock & roll Rockstar! But on the flip side, he doesn’t drink, eats organic & is just a complete family man!  I feel so privileged to be able to meet him let alone actually talk to him, set up his green room & hand him a Perrier.

Pepper at San Diego Harley

Pepper at SDHD in 2009

PEPPER: This concert holds a VERY special place in my heart. Many strings were pulled to make this concert happen. I have been a big fan of PEPPER since I was in High School & used to attend the local shows at Canes & Belly Up when the crowds were around 200-300. The band formed in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997. PEPPER has sold over half a million records independently & filled our shop & parking lot with over 4,000 fans!  The 3 members signed autographs, hugged fans & signed surf boards while the Burlesque girls danced right before they went on to perform! This was an epic night!

P.O.D. at San Diego Harley

P.O.D. at SDHD in 2012

P.O.D: Sonny, Marcos, Traa & Wuv went through our Rider’s Edge course, to learn to ride and went on to becoming great friends of San Diego Harley!

The night of the concert, our VIP area was full of their family & friends, great food & a private bar. As you probably know, they are local & have A LOT of friends in the San Diego Community. A lot of local businesses also have a great relationship with the guys. Hodads came out & grilled up their OB burgers for the crowd, while House of Blues sponsored the Beer garden. The mosh pit started the second song in & was continuous throughout the “Murdered Love” hit. We hope to have them play again in the future, we love these guys!  P.S.  All the band members recently got Harleys, so you may seem them cruising around.  You can see their bikes on our Facebook page.

I can’t wait to coordinate the next big concert & I hope you can join us with your family and friends so you can be one of the many that can say “I saw them play at San Diego Harley!”

Blog post by Trisha, Event & Promotions Manager at San Diego Harley-Davidson.  Keep an eye out on our Events Calendar and/or subscribe to our Newsletter so you don’t miss the next one!

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